Mini Bus Appeal

We operate a community bus service that works all year round transporting people to the places they need to go. The service is open to all, and our passengers include the elderly, children and people of all ages with disabilities and social care needs.

We have already purchased the bus, but need £4,000 for essential adaptations including tip seats, non-slip flooring, a grab handle and an all important manual step.

We have received a competitive quote for this work, and are confident that this is the best price. If successful, the work can be done immediately, and will ensure that the bus is accessible for all in the community.

What we’ll deliver:

Freedom of access and mobility
Access to the wider borough
Why it’s a great idea:

The bus is in use all the time, but is currently difficult for some people to use. We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities, so access is vital. By doing this work, we will ensure that anyone who needs to use the bus can. We cut across need and across communities: we just want to help, regardless of the need and the request, and this will help us to do that.

Steps to get it done:

Fit out of bus

Please support us via this link –

Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust Charity Walk

The walk for 2019 is to raise money for our new project the prostate cancer detection.

To this cause we the Thorne Rural Lions club in conjunction with Doncaster Cancer Detection trust are planning this sponsored walk in Doncaster on Sunday 19th May 2019 to raise monies for very important project for Doncaster, Bassettlaw & South Yorkshire folk. The walk is 6 mile, Townfields to Lakeside and return, the route is wheelchair, pushchair and dog friendly. There are also shorter walks available.

Contact us for further info.

We would welcome involvement with this most worthwhile cause for us all.